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Name:Sonny Zeke Gresham
Birthdate:Mar 7
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Sonny Zeke Gresham is the seventh (and last) born ginger kid to the Gresham family of Jacksonville, Florida. He's the result of a failed vasectomy which his folks thought had been successful, and he follows elder siblings Julie, Jake, Charlie, April, Maggie, and Rose. Sonny is two years younger than Rose and ten years younger than Julie, and all his brothers and sisters in between are spread out over the years. They might all be flaming gingers, but that was where their similarities ended. They were each their own person and their parents, who were exceptionally attentive to them all, made sure to nurture that. They had a real mixed bag with Julie a detective, Jake a vet, Charlie a school teacher, April a rock chick, Maggie an actress and Rose qualifying as a Doctor of Pharmacy. Sonny was one of those kids who never swayed from what he wanted - and what he wanted as to play with swords.

Sonny loved anything to do with knights, swords, armour, dragons, and horses growing up. He went a knight in shining armour to Halloween for no less than nine Halloweens running. He had a collected of dragons, and his favourite movie is, to this day, Sword in the Stone. It was only inevitable that he ended up being a champion Fencer... and Olympic gold medallist at the age of eighteen in the London Olympics in 2012. He is now set to shoot for gold again with the Beijing Olympics in 2016.

Sonny was a bit of a wayward kid. His grades were okay across the board, but he never particularly excelled in anything but a determination to be a Fencer, so his folks enrolled him in classes as soon as he was old enough to participate without wanting to run around slaying imaginary dragons with his foil. He didn't even really know if he was gay or straight, and eventually came to the conclusion he was bi when he made out with a couple of girls and a guy at a junior prom after-party. He was a happy kid, didn't want for anything, but because he started to train hard and fast as a Fencer aiming for the Olympics quite young, he never had college plans. Fencing was his life, and he stayed based in Florida, but travelled around the country for competitions.

However, as all his brothers and sister started to depart Jacksonville he felt lost without them and figured he should start to think about where he was going to go after school. Charlie and April were the last to leave Jacksonville (April the last save for Sonny when she took a job as back-up singer to Angel Shaw, the internationally renowned pop/rockstar who not just swept Rosie off her feet, but knocked her up and proposed to her, making Sonny an uncle for the first time to baby Daisy Grace), so Sonny finally uprooted and officially moved to New York to be with his Fencing team to start preparing hard and fast for the next Olympics.

He had been originally going to live with Julie, but after the news came that Julie's new husband, Euan had cancer, Jake was happy to have his little brother come stay with him now he had returned to American from a period working in a zoo in Australia. Though, things were extensively complicated there with it coming to light that Jake had been cheating on his fiancée, Alice with a closeted Aussie military doctor, Joey Cooper, Jake is still happy to have Sonny stay with him, though now it will be with Joey in the mix.

Sonny's a happy guy, likes a good laugh, and being the youngest sibling, a typical pain in the butt, as is little brother prerogative. He used to sleep around, living the typical life of an eligible bachelor athlete until he met Casey McDonald once he arrived in New York and fell head-over heels in love. He met Casey on a train ride from Boston to New York after a competition in Massachusetts, and the rest was history. Recently, as training for the Olympics as stepped up, Sonny has had to go away and stay in Colorado where the USA team is based. The long distance hasn't been easy, but they did the best they could. Sonny adores Casey and has been there for him through some hard times. He couldn't imagine his life without Casey now, who is coming to Rio with him for the Olympics.

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